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Marc Miller's Traveller Novel:
Agent of the Imperium:
A Story of the Traveller Universe.
I have always wanted to show my vision of the Traveller universe in a fiction format: from the earliest days of role-playing (that would be the late 1970s, for those who are counting), the thought of a sprawling, star-spanning adventure through the Imperium has been there in the back (and sometime the front) of my mind.
   With the completion of the Traveller5 core rules, and with all of its concepts fresh in my mind, the inspiration came to me in a flash late June, and I have been crafting scenes ever since. This project is the publication — ebook, hardcopy, and hardcover limited first edition, and perhaps more, of my first novel:

Agent of the Imperium
   Jonathan Bland is a Decider, empowered to deal with the inevitable crises of empire. He speaks with the voice of the Emperor himself. He has killed more people than anyone in the history of Humanity.
   He has saved ten times that.

Excerpt: Agent of the Imperium (ebook Kindle .mobi)
Excerpt: Agent of the Imperium (eBook generic .epub)

   This 80,000+ word novel is faithful to the OTU Original Traveller Universe in the way that only the originator and chronicler of the universe can make it. Along the way, it reveals the story reveals secrets of the history of the empire that have never before been revealed. It spans 400 years from early Imperium (about 300) through the mid-post Civil War period (about 700) touching known and unknown events you may have encountered in your own reading of the Imperium.

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   Do I Need To Play Traveller? No! We think that Traveller players will enjoy this vision of the Traveller universe, of course, but this is a stand-alone compelling vision of the far future that any SF reader can enjoy. We hope you will too, whether you are a gamer or not.

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