Timothy Collinson

       Timothy Collinson first encountered Traveller in 1979 and immediately fell in love with the world building. Just a few digits to start the inspiration for a whole world. He began an annotated list of books for a friend, so they’d know what might be useful as a referee and that became The Traveller Bibliography. Since then he’s written The Traveller Periodical Bibliography (and is working on a second volume), helped out with 101 Religions and more recently had Into the Unknown and Three Blind Mice published – thanks largely to the encouragement of the attendees of the UK’s annual TravCon. He regularly contributes to Freelance Traveller and in the last couple of years has got work colleagues involved in lunchtime games and The Traveller Adventure in the pub after hours.
      He’s currently working on far too many Traveller projects – from indexes to big adventures – and when not doing that enjoys earthbound travelling, drumming and taking an active role in his local church.

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