Richard Ricker aka Cryton

       Richard Ricker aka Cryton. Air Force Veteran, transplanted Alaskan, Artist, Game-Master, San Diego ComiCon International Volunteer Staff Member, Adventurer, COTI Vice-Administrator, Nerd, Comic Book Collector, Game Designer, Playtester, all around Fan Boy and Nerds Nerd. I have 35 years of gaming and GM-ing experience under my belt and still gaining more all the time. I've travelled extensively and have held just about every job you can think of, from Communication Computer Systems Operator to Comic Book Man to Soldier to Chefs assistant on an Oil rig in the Bering Sea. I have even shoveled poop. My favorite games are D&D, Traveller, Cyberpunk and Call of Cthulhu, or any game using a combination of the four. Life is fun, live it!

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