David Smart

       I'm the quiet one here, lurking about. Born in Anchorage, Alaska to a military family 'way back during the Cold War (is that a lead-in for a Traveller character or what?). I've been gaming since 1977 when some friends of mine intro'd me to a little white box called "Dungeons and Dragons". When I went to the store to get it the next day, the owner said he was out but just got in something called Traveller, "kinda like D&D in space". Though he was obviously wrong about Traveller's nature, that and memories of the Apollo 11 landing I had watched live did the trick. I've been playing/working with Traveller ever since. Last time I played was about 5'ish years ago. Way too long ago for my taste but it was with our own Rob Eaglestone, which is always a good thing. (Hi, Rob! *grin*) I've done a lot of real-world traveling throughout the US, Japan, Canada, and most of western Europe. Alas, those days are over and retirement is in full swing. Given that my wife and I are now stuck in a small rural Texas town just south of the Oklahoma border where RPGs are virtually unknown, I've been exploring for the last three years ways to solo-play Traveller while cleaning up the play notes of a character that has survived 5 multi-year campaigns dating from the early 80s to the campaign Rob ran.

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