Michael McKinney

       I am Donald McKinney's son, Michael McKinney. When it comes to gaming, we are a gaming family. While we have cats and that prevents long-term games of miniatures or board games, Dad taught me several wargames as a teen, such as Blitzkrieg.
       My introduction to Traveller at first was "Dad's Gaming Love" and the Library he had of books even back then. I knew about his Timeline, but the gaming group we played with wasn't into Traveller (nor was Mom) so Dad kept quiet until I was in college about the game. In college, I encountered Mass Effect and Dad I bonded over space games that way. I played a lot of the Grimdark space role-playing game. My longing for a more cheerful game led Dad to invite me to be a guinea pig for Living Mongoose.
       I am a very active gamer, and have several dedicated groups to different gaming types, such as rpgs, board games, and miniatures. On Mongoose, I was very vocal and critical of some work put out, so Dad started having me critique write-ups for the stuff he was working on because he wanted to get input on what my gamer generation plays. While I am a young voice at 27, I've been gaming for 20 years. My first Traveller character died in character generation at age 10. My parents let me play games with them, and at conventions, I played a lot of miniature games because as a kid, I was immediately welcomed.
       On the subject of my educational background, in my Master's program, I fell into studying space once again, writing on Space-Naval theories. I still take notes on an eventual thesis. For those interested in my graduate school, it is the Institute of World Politics, and I studied "National Security Affairs and Statecraft: Public Diplomacy and Political Warfare". What that paragraph of a degree means is that I formally studied the good and bad of propaganda and strategic communications.
       As for career and work, I have done things that make most people grumble; such as talk politics, write about politics, and argue politics. Today, as a member of the federal workforce, the work I do furthers my interests in naval and space power.
       I'm not as wise, patient, or knowledgeable as Dad. But I have his collection and his passion. I look forward to working with you all. I'm grateful for the hospitality the Traveller community has given me.

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