Lluis Caireta (McPerth)

       I'm LluĂ­s, from Barcelona. I started playing wargames by late 1970's after casually finding what I think was the only wargaming club in the city (wargames were nearly unknown in Barcelona then, with only one specialized shop). From there, I was invited by a friend from the club to join a group who wanted to test a newly discovered game called Dungeons and Dragons, that I also shown at the wargame club. Soon another club member (the one who would latter be in charge of Spanish translation) discovered Traveller and introduced us to it.
      I soon liked it, but, by the time I could afford buying its products it soon changed to MT, that is the version I played the most. Real life and family have distanced me from the gaming groups, but I still like Traveller, while I rarely have the chance to play it (or anything else, except computer games. for what's worth). Even so, I enjoy discussing about it and designing various crafts or ships.
      In late 2010 I discovered CotI and joined it. With the spammer crisis after Andrew Boulton's passing over (god have him) I found myself in the moderator team, and now I find myself wondering how have I ended in this selected inner Circle where I've never dared to dream I'll be.

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