Thomas Jones-Low

      I was introduced to gaming in the late 70's by my cousin, and to Traveller by a friend in 79. Living in Vermont there were no gaming stores anywhere and not even the book stores carried RPG books. I did most of my gaming vicariously. I was permanent subscriber to Dragon Magazine and Space Gamer, and obtained all of my gaming materials through mail order. In college during the early 80's I finally had access to toy store where they would carry (and even order) RGPs, and from there I filled out a good part of my Classic Traveller and MegaTraveller collection. I also had a great group to play any number of RPGs with, and went through many of them.
      After college, I dropped off my RPGs. Then around 2000, I got on line and started looking for gaming stuff and Traveller in particular. I have been a lurker on the TML for these many years. I just missed the demise of Imperium games, but found an old favorite: Steve Jackson Games just as they were getting to the swing of publishing the GURPS Traveller line. I have my name in several of the GURPS Traveller books as playtest credits, as well as other GURPS books. I wrote a program with Tom Bont called GURPS Vehicle Builder to make using the GURPS Vehicles rules a slightly easier experience.
      I came across the COTI boards when they were first starting (I am proud of my 2 digit COTI user id). This got me connected with Hunter and the publication of the T20 rules. I was one of the many playtesters and ran several sessions for a group here in VT. I wrote three of the Traveller's Aide's books. The finest collection of Traveller Vehicles ever published.
      In March of 06, I stumbled across the brand new Wikia. This was an experiment by some of the team then running Wikipedia to have a place for the not-quite-wikipedia worthy articles. Dan Corrin had jumped in and had gotten permission from Marc to create the "Traveller Wiki". I spent six years working with Dan, tracking down various old Traveller authors and adding articles and content. And worked with the Wikia team, their users, and others to make the whole place actually work. I also watched Wikia devolve into an ad-spattered commercial enterprise.
      I still admin the Traveller wiki, with the title of "Lead Editor". We have a small group of enthusiasts adding and updating articles in the wiki. I'm still working on T5 updates. The local gaming group we had for many years finally scattered, so I'm back to the vicarious gaming.

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