Craig A. Glesner

      Craig A. Glesner began his love of Traveller with Referee making him Octavian..In Space back in the old days of Little Black Book Classic Traveller. In the time since then he has run a few games, made some subsectors, and a whole lot of characters and ships. While he did he dreamt of how awesome it would be to work on the game he loved. Then in 2008, reality shifted and he found his dreams coming true. He since has a credit and work in Traveller5 Core Rules, a cover credit and work in Greg P. Lee's T5 Cirque book, and he runs a small gaming company. His company has published one of the first Traveller5 ACS Supplements, Herald Class Starships, featuring an 800-ton Expeditionary Yacht. Currently he is happily engaged in helping with further T5 development and creating his own Alternate Traveller5 Universe, the Permatic Imperium.

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