Franck Nadaud

      I learned about Traveller in the wonderful French gaming magazine Jeux & Strat├ęgie in the early 80s. I was fascinated by the idea of scifi adventuring and the puzzling little black books. Traveller has seldom been played in France but during the 1980's the French boiling RPG community organized some Traveller tournaments and clubs existed. I began to play mercenary adventures and my first character was Johnny Lantz, a merc lieutenant who fought in the Spinward Marches until its unit was destroyed. Then, I turned him into an NPC of my own campaign of the "Oh, Johnny, what are you doing here ? I thought you dead !" sort. Later, when I began my own campaign, I switched to scout and merchant adventuring. Now, playing vicariously as many of us do, I decided to read the whole Traveller corpus to find gems and note appearance of alien worlds or interesting folklore gems.

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