Joshua Bell

Josh likes to say that he was raised by Muppets in the wilds of Canada...
      Josh was born in 1973 and grew up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His dad was a school teacher and was able to borrow an Apple ][ computer over the holidays, which gave Josh his first taste of programming at age 7. In Grade 4 he was lucky enough to start at a school that already had a healthy community of D&D players and was also located close to The Sentry Box, a world-class gaming store to this day. A few years later Traveller was the hot thing. He admits he never actually attended many sessions but fell into the "solo player" mode; he generated ships and sectors and made maps of charted space. He dutifully typed in Marc's listings from Challenge Magazine, and wrote his own Trader-like programs, but eventually packed up and forgot his gaming materials.
      Around 2005 he opened up a box full of manuals and modules and thought "I wonder what's up with Traveller these days?" so hit the web to find out. In the intervening years Josh had graduated with a Computer Science degree, married an American, worked at startups, and been employed as a software engineer and manager at Microsoft for almost a decade. The web had some good sources of data but the maps weren't "cool" and so —since Josh needed a hobby project — TravellerMap was born.
      Initially the site hosted data from earlier Traveller publications and unofficial data, but Donald McKinney got in touch with Josh to coordinate having the "official" Traveller 5 Sector Survey data on the site, and Josh has ended up helping out with related Traveller projects. Today, Josh lives in San Francisco with two kids and some guinea pigs, and works professionally on the Chrome web browser at Google.

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