Welcome to Traveller5! the ultimate edition of the Traveller science-fiction role-playing game system. Traveller has been a standard in the role-playing game field since 1977, pioneering such innovations as skills, tasks, creation systems, and our intriging universe of the far future and the fabled interstellar empire of the Third Imperium.
  Traveller5 is the latest (and ultimate) edition of the Traveller system: more than ten years in the making, it refines tried-and-true rules systems while introducing new concepts that break new ground while making game play easier and always interesting.

We encourage you to support your Friendly Local Game Store
  Your FLGS is the place to find everything you need, including fellow players. If you scanned the QR Code on the back of the Traveller5 Core Rules Book, it brought you to this page. Buy the T5 Core Rules and read it tonight. It is filled with content to start you out playing Traveller.

And just for fun, here's our FLGS Rebate Offer
  Buy this book, email us a picture of your store receipt (make sure we can read their Name, Physical Address, and Email Address. We'll send you a Cr75 rebate: that's three Cr25 coins minted by the Bank of Regina some four thousand years in the far future!

  The Fine Print: Offer good on purchase from a physical Game Store establishment; new book sales only. Void where prohibited.

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